Paul Ego

Rock Breakfast Radio Co-Host & Winner of the Billy T Comedy Award, PAUL EGO is a 14 year veteran of the NZ Comedy Scene. "Paul Ego is by far the funniest old fart on stage in NZ today" (

Well known for his outstanding improvisational skills as an MC & Feature Act Comedian, Paul can also sing the pants off a Nun. "Paul Ego has enormous charm and a lovely mellow voice.....especially when he pays tribute to The Crooners" (NZ Herald)

"Paul Ego’s show is a little bit cabaret - a little Vegas if you will - and anything that has a mirror ball is a hit in my books. He has a great singing voice (boy, can he croon) and he had a terrific rapport with his audience. He was entertaining, insightful and he was in his element" (Joanna Davies, Theatreview)

Paul’s Breakfast Radio career began in 2000 with his role on the Kim & Corbett Breakfast Show on Auckland’s More FM. His role on the award winning show involved writing comedy scripts and voicing many of the shows regular characters. In 2006 Paul moved to NZ’s Rock Network and he is now one quarter of ’The Morning Rumble’, the 1 Music Breakfast Show in the country.

The Morning Rumble (Roger Farrelly, Leah Panapa, Bryce Casey & Paul Ego) were WINNERS of Best Music & Entertainment Hosts, Metropolitan, at the 2008 & 2009 NZ Radio Awards. Paul Ego lives on Auckland’s North Shore, has been married for 20 years and is the father of two beautiful yet destructive boys.