Robert Rakete

The Breeze Auckland breakfast host Robert Rakete is dancing his way from early mornings to late nights to take part in Dancing With The Stars!

“This is an opportunity to experience something not many people get to do - learn to dance with pros and then dance on live TV,” says Robert “Scary? Sure. But fun! I can’t wait.”

Robert once said his secret wish was to compete on Dancing With The Stars, so this is a dream come true for the loveable media personality.

Also known for his time on the RTR music shows in the 90s, Mai FM and more recently his Sunday morning show on Three R&R, Robert is no stranger to being in the spotlight. His stint as the ‘Brown Wiggle’ may have been a handy warm up to life on the dance floor. “I’m hoping some of those ‘Wiggly’ dance moves and ‘Wiggly’ fingers will come in handy.”

Auckland born and bred, Robert says the support of his family was crucial. “We moved all the furniture around so I can practice at home too. It’s hard for them to watch TV while I’m trying to samba across the lounge.”