Matilda Rice

Matilda Rice won the heart of New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Art Green in 2015, as well as winning the hearts of the nation.

Since then, her rise to fame has seen her garner an impressive social media following, become a brand ambassador, model, television presenter and publish a self-help book ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life’.

In her spare time, Matilda is a big fan of health and fitness, travel, food and adventure.

Matilda has recently founded her own business - Plate Up - alongside fiancé (soon to be husband!) Art. They live in Auckland with their two fur babies - Persian rag-doll cross breed cats Brian and Christine.

Upon joining the galaxy of celebrities who have been on Dancing with the Stars NZ Matilda says: “I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars since I was a kid so I can’t believe I’m now going to be on it! It’s a little daunting learning something new on national telly, but I love to dance, so am really excited for the challenge.”