Maureen, Myrtle and Sybil

Maureen (73), Myrtle (84) and Sybil (91) are firm friends who met when they moved into the same retirement village. An irreverent, irrepressible and completely loveable trio of widows, these women are thick as thieves and are completely plugged into popular culture; they do not miss a trick.

Between them they have more grandchildren than they can count… Maureen estimates somewhere in the vicinity of 50.

They convene regularly to watch TV in Maureen’s apartment – because hers is the biggest, but the one night you won’t find them in front of the box is Tuesday night – because Tuesday night is Quiz Night!

As great-aunt to All Black TJ Perenara, Myrtle is also a bit of a sporting fan and catches up with Sybil to watch the rugby.