The Mizsey Family

The close-knit Mizsey (pronounced Mizzay) whanau is headed by Lee (52) and husband George (62) who have a total of 11 children in their blended family. Only Quentin “Q” and Navaho live at home, along with 4 grandchildren, whom Lee and George are raising.

Lee, the matriarch, is Ngāpuhi. George is originally from Argentina but emigrated to Australia in 1966. The couple has been together for 29 years – married for 27. George is a quiet man but when he needs to say something, he will. Quentin and Navaho are “their mother’s sons”, which means they are loud, opinionated and particularly in Navaho’s case, very, very funny.

Lee is a trained beauty therapist and currently re-training as a chef. Navaho and George work together in construction and Q is a stay at home dad to son Josiah (10).

The Mizseys are a very close-knit whanau, they talk about EVERYTHING very openly, no subject is off-limits.

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