The Patels

Tarun (28) Pranit (26) Jayna (26) and Dylan (28) are mates who all grew up in Wellington and have flatted together for years.

Customer Support Manager Tarun and Theatre Nurse Jayna are married – and it was by no means a small soiree – 1000 people attended their wedding!

Pranit and Dylan both work in banking. Pranit loves a well-cut suit, whilst Dylan can be found outside of office hours in any one of his eight much-loved Liverpool FC shirts.

This is a tight-knit group of mates who genuinely enjoy hanging out together. The banter flows freely between them and there is never a dull moment. Jayna’s claim to fame is that she can skull a beer faster than her husband, while Tarun is still dining out on the time he ran a hip-hop blog.

Pranit is particularly proud of the fact that he’s an accountant. And Dylan? In 2016 he took home golf honours in Division 2 at the NZ Indian Sports Tournament.

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