A Chat With The Home Owners - Jetty House

What are your three favourite things about your Grand Design?
Patty : The first would have to be the recycled products, the trusses, the wonderful wall cladding and the recycled bricks because every time I look at them I think of the history behind them and the story they have to tell. To me they bring some character and a little bit of uniqueness to our build.

My second favourite is our 3-sided courtyard which is partly covered in for protection, gets the sun all day, faces the water, faces the jetty, allows for a wonderful indoor outdoor flow, and I can see that in the future that is going to be an area where the family get together, and we will make lots of happy memories.

And the third one is our scullery in the kitchen which some people might consider a little bit OTT as it’s rather large but it’s everything I wanted. I’ve got everything at my finsgertuips and it's very simple, it’s in keeping with the rest of the house and I love it!

What is your top tip for someone wanting to build their own Grand Design?
Patty: My top tip for building a Grand Design is planning .

First, is the owner of the house needs to have a vision - I started planning this place nearly five years ago and I can say hand on heart, I haven’t changed my vision and I know the builders would verify that I rarely changed my mind throughout the building process, so that is key.

Second, work with a good team - We had an amazing architect and our builders were fabulous just like family, and between the three parties we got this house over the line with minimal stress.

What next? Do you have any other projects you are thinking about doing?
Patty: At the moment we are enjoying the fact that the building is finished so moving ahead to the future I don’t really have a project, except enjoying what we have created and maybe improving and doing a little bit more work with textiles within the house, but no big building project in the near future. But I always have the saying of never say never.