A Chat With The Home Owners - Cranmer Square

What are your favourite features in your home and what makes them special?
Jo: The Lyttelton doors from the building, the chandelier and the stair case

And the timber, and the lighting

Jo: Oh and my bathroom

Johannes: Our bathroom (both laugh)

Johannes:  The stairs are important because….

Jo: just all the work that has gone into it and all the considerations and debating that we’ve had , getting to where we’ve got with the stairs , it’s been a huge part of how the new part of the house sits in where it does and why the rooms are where they are

Johannes: But it’s also part of the welcome into the house, like you come through the hallway and there they are and they lead you to where we live

Jo:  Also having that artistic statement for myself that I’ve designed this, I’ve created it and they’ve worked out so well

Johannes:  The Doors are really important because they are a strong reminder of where we came from

Jo: And what’s happened, and all the sweat, blood and tears .

What are your tips for other people wanting to build a Grand Design?
Jo: Follow your heart, be persistent and don’t stop, there will be an end and it’s all worthwhile.

Johannes:  But also having good people work with you, knowing the people working with you are working for the same reason that you are, that they have the same belief as you do in the build. The build is not just about following a plan it’s about creating something.

Jo: And also having great friends to support you along the process.

What are your plans now?

Jo: just enjoying living in this wonderful space that we have created

Johannes: and for me it’s to spend time with my family

Jo: Awwww thanks (Hugs Johannes)