A Chat With The Home Owners - Te Arai Lodge

What are your three favourite things about your stunning home?
Kathy: The first thing would have to be the large sofa when you walk in the entry, I instantly fell in love with that fabric about three years ago and I can see the sand dunes in the background and the blue and it was just perfect so that was our starting point for the interior colours and design of the lounge…

Vince: It was big sofa custom made, but the fabric Kath found was special.

Another thing is, over the dining table we have a David Trubridge light, and it’s got these beautiful waves and movement to it which really links in with the sand dunes on the horizon…

Kathy: Yeah, we instantly saw that shape and saw it reflected the shape of the sand dunes and I think we think that’s perfect. We absolutely love it, very curvaceous.

Another thing would have to be the artwork our neighbour Margaret she works with charcoal and she asked us if we would like a piece of hers in the house and it looks amazing.

Vince: It’s quite a big piece and it just sits over the stairwell, it’s really special.

Kathy: It’s beautiful.

What is your top tip for people wanting to build their own Grand Design?
Vince: Don’t do it (laughs)

Kathy: Our tip is expect the unexpected and do not attach yourself to expectations be prepared to…

Vince: Be stretched… in many ways

Kathy: Yes, it’s not all as it seems

Vince: Yeah, it’s not for the faint hearted. 

Now the build is complete do you have any other projects lined up?
Kathy: To collapse in a heap (laughs)

Vince: I’ve got a large one for this evening, that’s lighting the fire and opening a bottle of red wine, but that’s about it for the time being

Kathy: Yeah, just taking things day by day.

Yeah a little bit tired, need a break, but there will be other projects for sure, I’ve got a chicken house to build and more vegetable bins …

Kathy: and hives for the bees and more gardens to develop and a glass house and to complete the good life, well we are actually on the journey of the good life, very blessed.