A Chat With The Home Owners - Britten Stables

What are your favourite things in your home?
Isabelle: I love the lights that Dad made that we have hanging in Adeline's room. They are pinky and shades of white, but when the lights go on, they are almost orange, they are quite beautiful flower shapes.

Tim: I like the introduction of more lighting around the place, the LED lighting that we have used.

Isabelle: I also like the big brown leather sofa in the billiard room it's just so comfortable and you can slug into it. 

Tim: One of my favourite things in the house would  be the new feature wall, it's a venetian plastered wall, it's gold and black and really suits the entrance way.

What are you top tips for someone wanting to build their own Grand Design?Tim: My top tip would be go slow, be patient and have a budget. Be prepared for the worst and expect the best.

Isabelle: Double your budget, and be on site a lot so that you can make sure things are happening how you want them to. Have a strong vision that everybody is aware of, so it actually happens.

What are your plans now your house is finished?
Isabelle: Now that we have finished the project we really need to get our bed and breakfast going and concentrate on that.

Tim: Spending more time with the family.

Isabelle: Yeah, we've really missed spending time with our little girl because we have been so focused on the project.