A Chat With The Home Owners - Tree House

What is your favourite room in your tree house?
Boio: My Favourite room in the house is the bathroom, I love the bath and the fittings because they are old and rustic and it has a nice feeling in the bathroom to just go and soak in the bath and enjoy the surrounding.

Rick: If I had to pick a room it would be the living room sitting on the couch under the branches of the tree.

Do you have any tips for other people wanting to build a Grand Design of their own?
Rick: My top tip would be to look at the budget as carefully as you can, and really study that – We didn’t do that, I’ve done a build before and it was very successful build on time and on budget and I thought I knew everything  and I can tell you now , that I know nothing.

Boio: For me it is planning well in advance, way before you start the building process, which includes budget as well. So the big one is planning and not doing things at the last minute.

Now you have completed your build what is next?
Rick: We want to get the drive way a bit more usable and that requires dry weather so we can’t really do that until it’s dried out. There’s quite a bit more to do…

Boio: Yeah ,cupboards , shelves things like that, and furnishing the house.

Rick: Yeah, and internal fittings still, and a couple more decks and then that should be it… oh and getting a consent.