A Chat With The Home Owners - Little Brighton

What are you three favourite things about your home?
Zac: My favourite thing is the cladding… I love the cladding.  I’ve always loved the design and the sliding doors opening up to make the house feel much bigger with all the doors open onto the decks.

Tess: My top three would be the windows and the view, the ceilings and just the indoor-outdoor flow

Zac: I thought you’d say the floors?

Tessa:  Can I have 4? And the floors.

What are your top tips for others wanting to build a Grand Design?
Zac: My top tip for people wanting to build their own grand design is to find something that they really like, whether it be driving around the local town, in a magazine or on a television show. Research what you like, find out who did it , find out how they did it , and just do as much research as you can before turning any ground and I think the whole thing will run smoothly.

Tess : My top tip for building a grand design would be sense of humour and patience.

What’s next?
Tess: Nothing (laughs) blissful nothingness … I hope there’s nothing next…

Zac: Oh I’ve got a lot , I think there’s still many a weekend here to finish , it’s by no means finished , especially the inside, bits are missing that I would love  to get onto.  On the outside just finishing bits off, we really pushed it but I think it will be another month of weekends! The next 6 months are going to be down the road for me, so will be finishing that job also...

And Dunedin’s in a boom of building at the moment, no one’s quiet , there seems to be lots of interesting houses being drawn which interest me. I would like to get myself more involved in that kind of stuff and there’s still a very strong draw to building this type of house again, might find some land somewhere and do it as a project to sell… that would be a wee way down the track though! That’s what I would like to do! (looks at Tess) you don’t seem to be convinced (laughs)

Tess:  Umm yeah… (Laughs)  I think I’m looking forward to softening the house up and living in it , landscaping it , making it feel like it’s always been here, and  yeah I would agree there is still some work left to be done in this house.