Beach Escape

What are your three favourite things in your home and why are they special to you?

David: The wings, the door and the opening out of the living area, so it’s like a wall-less outdoor room.

Tracey: My family that will be within the home, my art and probably the view!

What's your top tip for people wanting to build their own Grand Design?

David: Understanding what actually a budget is and what it is intended to cover and not intended to cover. I think a lot of people assume that the budget is from start to finish and I am not sure that they always are… there are a bunch of things that may not be necessarily included by design, in that initial budget but which are necessary to order to finish it and get what you want.

Tracey: So I would have said understanding the architects design and a very good relationship with your builder and your building team, I think that’s crucial.

Your build's complete now, what's next? Do you have any new projects lined up?

David: Get a job! No, for the moment, no… we're done! Maybe a trip to Morocco!

Tracey: Just enjoy it; just enjoy it as it deserves to be enjoyed.