Suspended Glass Home

What are your three favourite things in your home and why are they special to you?

Nicola: The Kitchen because Dad had so much to do with that… My Bathroom because it's a sanctuary and a bit of a retreat. Just the structure of it really, the steel and the glass and the views.

Harlem: Yeah, for me it's the steelwork and funnily enough the heating of the floor because that's pretty critical to the whole thing… and the kitchen too, for much the same reasons as Nic pointed out.

What's your top tip for people wanting to build their own Grand Design?

Harlem: Top tip is get the right people involved as early as possible - get that right and you're halfway, more than halfway to getting a good project at the end.

Nicola: Think simpler rather than complicating things, so every decision that you make, figure out how you can do it simpler and more cost effectively and more creatively perhaps.

Your build's complete now, what's next? Do you have any new projects lined up?

Harlem: Ah, we have been toying around with the idea of a smaller dwelling on the land for Nic's mum and dad…

Nicola: Next we're just going to enjoy it I think for a bit…. Just settle back and take it all in and live. Live without always thinking of something to be done.