Taylor's Mistake

What are your three favourite things in your home and why are they special to you?

Craig: I love the shape of the house, it relates to the environment around me and I love that…and it works. I love the glass floor and the view of the rocks below and I know where every rock came from, that’s important. And also love that trellis work, the junction between the arches behind me, that to me is a work of art and I really do love that.

What's your top tip for people wanting to build their own Grand Design?

Craig: Follow their passion and don’t give up!

What's next?

Craig: We are doing a wellness yoga retreat around the corner, so that will be another non-toxic, off-grid building and I’ve got two clients that want the same non-toxic beautiful home, so away we go! The hardest thing with this is developing what the palette of materials and the processes and the systems are, so now that that’s done- let’s get on with it!