Piha Clifftop Retreat

What are your three favourite things in your home and why are they special to you?

Joseph: Outdoor fire is just so fun, cooking on it, and obviously the pool is amazing, swimming in that... and the beer tap is just this kind of quirky little thing, something a bit different!

Susannah: Definitely this room, you know, it just offers such a great space. I love the space and flow of the house, everything just can move from zone to zone quite easily and the kids are quite happy to be in their zones and in the media room and out here, yeah it’s just a house that nothing is really a problem, it's great! And I must say I do love going to sleep and looking at the stars out my window and then waking up and seeing that view, it’s quite spectacular.

What’s your top tip for people wanting to build their own Grand Design?

Joseph: My top tip for people building a grand design would be to get the best people around you and people that you trust, yep.

Susannah: yep, have a great team...

Joseph: Have an A team.

Your build is complete now, what’s next? Do you have any new projects lined up?

Joseph: My next project is we want a skate ramp for the kids, so will get one of those built for christmas I think!

Susannah: Quite happy to have a breather from one for now! haha.