Stephanie Dowse


Back in the expert’s chair for the second year running is counsellor and mediator Stephanie Dowse. Her 20+ years of experience in couples counselling served her well last season helping newlyweds navigate the challenges of their intense new relationships playing out on national TV.

“Tony and I had a great dynamic last year - kind of like good cop and better cop!” Steph says.

“We used all our shared knowledge and experience to make matches we really think have a fighting chance of blossoming first on TV and of course in the real world. Dan and Yuki’s happy union is proof that the matching process, coupled with individuals being up front with who they are and open to the process, can produce a happy ending. I can’t wait to see how this season’s hopefuls fare, and I look forward to supporting them on this exciting new journey.”

Based in Wellington with her partner Pete, son Tim and their miniature dachshund Mac, Steph runs a counselling and mediation practice, The Marriage Garage. Her clinical experience covers couples counselling, family therapy, family dispute resolution, mental health, trauma, addictions, sexuality and adoption. Steph has qualifications in classics, social work and psychology and is the author of Successful Separation: A guide for parents .

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