NAME: Anna Saxton
AGE: 25 

Fearless Anna lives between her hometown of Cambridge and the bustling city of Los Angeles. The Singer/Songwriter has performed at The Belasco Theatre in downtown L.A. and states that her biggest regret was staying in an unhappy relationship.

Not one to make the same mistake twice, Anna now wants to settle down with someone who she can truly fall in love with. Her ideal partner would be ambitious, funny, honest and would make her coffee in the morning with no complaints. At the end of the aisle she is hoping for someone tall, dark and handsome who she will feel instant “good vibes” from.

Walking down the aisle to marry a stranger on national TV is not Anna’s first time in front of the camera. She has multiple music videos online under her musi brand Saxi, and in 2017 spent time living in LA and recording a reality TV Show while part of a music talent search and mentorship program called Isina. 

As well as expressing herself through her music Anna has a bold and unique sense of style - erring on the side of outrageous and adventurous.Her friends would describe her as caring, courageous, fun and kind, and the outgoing musician’s favourite artists include Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. In her spare time, Anna likes to walk her dogs, go to the gym and spend time with family.

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