NAME: Carmen Stimpson
AGE: 25

Having been single for three years, brunette beauty Carmen knows what makes her happy and she is now ready to share her life with someone else. 

Carmen grew up in Auckland, lived in Australia for three years, moved to Christchurch for five months and is now back in the City of Sails. Working as a Pastry Chef, Carmen absolutely loves her job - so her future hubby can definitely be prepared for something sweet!

Described by friends as weird, funny, a bit crazy, but ultimately loving, Carmen is a woman who always looks for the positives in situations. Her ideal partner would be someone who is honest, loyal, fun, and up for exploring and spontaneous road trips. Family approval will also be a big draw card for Carmen, who says deal breakers would include not liking kids and not getting along with her family. 

Carmen cites her biggest regret in life as not eating more when she was travelling Europe, and she loves the Harry Potter films and reggae music. At the altar she hopes to be greeted by someone taller than her with a warm smile. A firm believer in love at first sight, she will most definitely be on the lookout for that initial spark.

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