NAME: Jonathan Trenberth
AGE: 31
STAR SIGN: Sagittarius

Tauranga-born Jonathan grew up in Christchurch but now considers Auckland home. Known as Jono to his friends, they would describe him as a bit of a dork who is friendly and very charming. A Harry Potter aficionado, Jono loves the wonderful world of wizardry so much he even sports four Harry Potter-inspired tattoos. 

The Marketing and Communications Manager notes he is a bit of a clown and can juggle, walk on stilts and eat fire - all of which he learnt during his time working for an entertainment company. Happy-go-lucky Jonathan is looking for someone who is warm, funny, kind, confident and smart. He will be crossing his fingers that his match will be someone he is attracted to, but ultimately Jonathan knows that beauty fades and personality is the most important thing. 

Jonathan will also be watching how his partner treats waiters when they go out to dinner - he believes it is a key test to see if they are genuinely a good person. He has actually stopped dating people in the past because they were rude to wait staff.

He would be keen to impress his future spouse with his cooking, citing it as the reason why people like him. The handsome bachelor, who is very proud of his signature beard, likes to plan surprise weekends away for his significant others. Dog-lover Jonathan has been almost struck by lightning twice, was an outdoor education teacher and has travelled to every continent except for Antarctica.  


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