NAME: Rosemary Cruickshank
AGE: 45

Self-employed Eyelash Extension Stylist Rose is a proud mother of three daughters and keen reality TV fan - listing her favourite shows as MAFS, The Block and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

She would be described by friends as gentle, softly spoken, kind and genuine with a firm belief in love at first sight. After three unsuccessful marriages, Rose is putting all her faith in the opinion of the experts in order to find that special someone she can settle down with. The Napier native is looking for a partner who is kind, empathetic, compassionate, compromising and affectionate, while smoking, baldness and a big ego would be off putting. She wants to see a tall, well-dressed, smiley groom waiting for her at the altar and values loyalty and trust above all else.

With the Notebook amongst her favourite films, Rose will be hoping that her experience can ultimately mirror that of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ characters. She regrets that she never went on an OE before having a family, particularly Italy, so could her Mr. Married -at-First-Sight whisk her away to the Mediterranean like she has always dreamed of?


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