NAME: Stefaan Nes
AGE: 26

Stefaan is a Pool Technician originally from Palmerston North but has relocated Auckland. Not one to dwell on regrets, the 26-year-old boasts that buying a $25,000 jet ski is amongst his proudest achievements.

The self-described daredevil hasn’t had the best luck with dates, admitting that his most embarrassing moment was when he decided to strip and jump into a freezing water hole while hiking, only for his date to run off with his clothes! 

Adrenaline junkie Stefaan has never been in love but believes in diving head first into the experiment, and he is ready to prove that he can find love from being matched. His friends would describe him as goofy, active and loyal, who in his spare time enjoys a lot of jet-skiing, road trips and playing sports. 

He seeks a partner that will share his passion for the outdoors and adventure, and someone who is fit, self-motivated and loves having a laugh. A lack of ambition and laziness are turn offs, as well as indecisiveness. Stefaan has been given advice from his family to keep an open mind and not expect to fall in love straight away.

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