NAME: Victoria Fuller
AGE: 27

South African-born Vicky is an adventurous spirit who has returned from travelling and is now working as a Primary School Teacher. Born in Durban (most of her family still reside in South Africa), Vicky lived in Rotorua, studied in Dunedin for four years and has now settled in Auckland with her parents.

Friends would describe her as the life of the party - often enhancing the atmosphere of the room with her positivity and enthusiasm. The keen explorer, who has a degree in psychology, quit her job and travelled the world which gave her a better outlook on what life is all about - but she also realised that she missed sharing moments with that special someone. 

Vicky is looking for someone with humour, honesty and good family values, while arrogance is a major turn off. At the end of the aisle she envisions someone tall and broad, and she 100% believes in love at first sight. 

This bachelorette strives to live the best life she possibly can and enjoys going to the gym, reading, drinking wine, hiking and meditation. Noting that Titanic as one of her favourite films, could she find her ‘Jack’ in this experiment?

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