Sticky TV is the place to be – every weekday from 3.20pm on Three!  Be careful the show is very ‘Sticky’ and you might get glued to the screen!

Walt, Leanna and Teddy bring back the Sticky TV classics – like Quiz Caravan, Can Ya…and also brand new segments, like Undercover Teacher. This is the place to visit for epic competitions, finding delicious and fun recipes and crafts, VIP access AND it’s your way of keeping up with the presenters!

You can always get in touch with Sticky TV by emailing and remember to check out Sticky TV’s Instagram, YouTube ChannelSnapchat and Teddy’s Facebook page!

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Remember not to give out your personal info - that's for you to know - not the world!  

Sticky TV is made by Pickled Possum Productions. For more information about Pickled Possum Productions, click HERE

Sticky TV is coming at you on December 25th! Tune in from 7am on Three this Christmas morning!