Carrot Straw Instructions

Take a picture of your carrot straws, tag us #stickytv or email them into us at and go in the draw to win an awesome smoothie maker from M10 Mega! 

What you’ll need:

-an adult to help you

-a straight carrot

-vegetable peeler


-chopping board

-clean flathead screwdriver


1.    Cut the top and narrow end off the carrot, making sure they’re level – you can check this by standing the carrot up on a chopping board, trim as required to make it level.

2.    Hold the wide end as the base, while you twist the screwdriver into the top end of the carrot, making sure to keep it straight and in the middle.

3.    When you're about half way through, turn upside down and twist from the fat end.  It should easily poke through, and you can push out any carrot bits left. Run water through to make sure.

Now peel your carrot and from the fat end, start to whittle away until you have a straight narrowed-down straw, using the hole as your guide.  Don't whittle too much!