HOW TO (make a secret hiding spot)


A book you no longer use

A small paintbrush

Some craft glue

A craft knife (now these are really sharp, so you may need someone older to help out with that)

A ruler

A pen


1)     Take your pen and place that underneath the cover between the pages and the cover, this is so they don’t get stuck together for the next step

2)     Grab the glue and your paintbrush and start painting around the edges of the book, to hold the pages together

3)     Grab your ruler and your pen and mark out a big rectangle

4)     Take your craft knife and a ruler and very carefully cut along the line so you can pull out the pages and once you’ve ripped out all those pages

5)     Grab your glue again and glue the inside of your pages this time, this is to seal it up. And finally you can hide your beloved item inside!