Countdown calendar #1

What you will need:

-26 cardboard rolls

-stiff corrugated cardboard

-hot glue gun and plenty of refills for it

-brown paper


-black marker

-a leaf of tissue paper



Step 1

Stand up all your cardboard rolls up right in a large rectangle shape and then cut out the cardboard base to fit


Step 2

Use a hot glue gun- be careful when using a hot glue gun- it can be very hot so get someone older to help! Use it to glue all your rolls in place, securing them to the base


Step 3

Drop notes inside each roll, my notes are a different activity for each day


Step 4

Cover each hole with a piece of brown paper with the ‘day number’ on it and glue in place!


Step 5

Make a roof:

Do this by cutting 2 rectangular pieces of cardboard and making and making them arch over the top, then cut 2 triangular pieces to fit to hold the roof together and glue it all in place!


Step 6

Add a chimney, by attaching an angled cardboard roll and stuffing it with tissue paper to represent smoke! It’s ready to be hung up!