Dominic Bowden - Host

Dominic Bowden has been at the forefront of television in New Zealand for the past 15 years, becoming a household name when he hosted three seasons of NZ Idol.

His move to Los Angeles saw him selected as the first ever Kiwi personality to front a live prime-time Network show hosting The Next Great American Band, an American Idol spin-off. From this opportunity, he has worked as the backstage host on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and has lent his Kiwi style to hosting entertainment news from around the world for the E! Channel. In the last six months alone he has interviewed everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to The Rock and had one of the last ever interviews with Brad and Angelina on the red carpet.

As for LIVE television, Bowden has hosted every major broadcast in New Zealand, from the Film and Television Awards to the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, and more recently Three’s The X Factor New Zealand and Dancing With The Stars

Are you excited about hosting The Bachelor New Zealand?
I love that The Bachelor celebrates meeting people the old fashioned way. The whole culture of finding love has radically changed in today’s dating world, it feels like meeting people has become about swiping left and right, an endless smorgasbord of choice but that real connection has gone. Whether you’re in Auckland, Invercargill or Los Angeles finding love today can be tough and I think The Bachelor celebrates getting to know someone face to face, taking a chance and embracing the unknown. That’s when the magic can really happen.

What are you bringing to the table?
I believe that at its core, our job is to put people together and then step away from it and give them the chance to bond and just see what happens. That’s what I hope to do - to be there for both our bachelor and the incredible group of woman to help that to happen. It doesn’t hurt that they’re doing it flying round the world and having some of the most memorable, romantic experiences of their lives.

What can we expect for Season 3?
The show here has an incredibly loyal following and most importantly we want to give fans the show they have grown to love, but this season the focus is all about authenticity. Matilda and Art have proved that if two people come on the show for the right reasons, open to the experience and ready to embrace the uniqueness of it all, true love can happen. As far as what will be different, we have thrown in some unexpected twists and turns along the way!