Age: 31
Star Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Rotorua
Where are you based now? Rotorua and Tokoroa

At 31 Mariana has an impressive list of accolades to her name including graduating with a Masters of Business Management, spending four years in the New Zealand Navy as a chef, and breaking records as an open ocean swimmer.  Now, as well as working full time as a business studies lecturer and moderator, she is finishing her PHD, does regular community and charity work and is a proud mother to a seven-year-old girl. Her ideal man would be someone like Frank Farmer from The Bodyguard (played by Kevin Costner).

What are five things that would put you off a potential boyfriend?  If he still lives at home with his mum, has no goals, no drive, no motivation and no long-term plan for a family.

What advice did your family give to you ahead of your time on the show?
Be classy and humble.