Age: 22
Star Sign: Leo
Hometown:  Mount Maunganui
Where are you based now? Auckland

Growing up in the Mount means that Viarni loves being at the beach – whether it’s sunbathing or kiteboarding or swimming, however she never goes too deep because she’s afraid of whales!  She describes herself as super laid-back and is happiest when around people.  When she was 13 she had a taste of fame when she won a nationwide magazine model search which led to numerous other opportunities including being invited to an after party with Justin Bieber.  In Auckland she works as national account manager for a boutique homewares company.

What words would your friends use to describe you? Outgoing, caring, friendly and a clown.

What would you cook on a first date? I do a great tofu noodle Asian salad. But if he loves meat I’d do that!