Age: 26
Star Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Christchurch
Where are you based now? Christchurch

Sales specialist and self-confessed car enthusiast Vanessa hails from the garden city.  She always speaks her mind and admits that she is not easily embarrassed.  Her friends would describe her as outgoing, silly, fun, motivated, opinionated… the life and soul of the party and perhaps a ‘little weird sometimes’.  The best advice her Dad ever gave her was to ‘do what makes you happy, and don’t make life too complicated’.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone? Washed and waxed the car? I’m not an overly romantic-gesture type person…

What are things that would put you off a potential boyfriend? Someone who is rude, judgemental, smelly, un-cared for facial hair, creepy eyes or not being present.