Amy And Stu

Life’s a beach for reno enthusiasts Amy and Stu, who hail from the surf mecca of Gisborne and hold the title of the oldest team in The Block NZ history. Stu, a plumber and self-confessed bogan, describes his favourite hobbies as cars, surfing and a couple of beers, while his partner Amy, a beauty therapist, reckons she does the fastest Brazilian wax in town!

The blended family live under one roof with their kids and two cats. Both Amy and Stu have experience renovating spaces and love being able to bring their creative thoughts to fruition. Amy’s organisational skills, eclectic taste and flair for design, coupled with Stu’s plumbing and painting prowess, makes them a formidable team.

Funny, creative and generous, ‘with just enough crazy to keep it interesting’, Amy says she can be bit of a hothead – and more than a little stubborn! Stu, who Amy describes as her ‘rock’, says he’s the life of the party and can get along with anyone. And The Block NZ watchers beware; Stu has a penchant for dad jokes.

Amy’s proudest moment is becoming a parent – and she reckons being the oldest team will give her and Stu the edge over the others. Both Amy and Stu say their biggest struggle will be being away from their kids.