Meet Dylan & Keegan

Team Yellow
Dylan (30) & Keegan (25)
Auckland & Greymouth

These two brothers from Greymouth couldn’t be more different. Corporate banker Dylan left the coast aged 18 to embrace the bright lights of big city living, while Keegan stayed close to home, where he works as a qualified builder. The self-described ‘Beauty and the Beast’ pairing hope their opposing strengths will complement each other to deliver the winning Block house.

While urbanite Dylan, who has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, is looking forward to showcasing his eye for design and his love for crisp, white interiors - practical Keegan brings hands-on skills and years of building experience. Happy to rough it, he says he’d be content to live in a shed or cabin in the middle of nowhere and loves a spot of gaming when he’s off the tools. Socialite Dylan spends his free time socialising with friends, going to the gym, cooking or checking out the local eateries. 

While Dylan likes to ‘make people feel good,’ Keegan admits to being ‘stubborn as an ox and argumentative’. However, with a shared goal and their willingness to get stuck in and know exactly what they want, the chalk and cheese brothers think they'll go from strength to strength this season.