Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens | Founder and director of design studio CTRL Space

Chris Stevens is the owner of CTRL space, an award winning commercial and interior design company specialising in high end bars, cafes and restaurants as well as residential.  He creates spaces that are both functional and comfortable but also luxurious.

Chris’ company has been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including four Gold pins from the BEST awards and two wins at the Interior awards, along with a bevy of silvers and bronzes.  

With over twenty years in the design industry, when he’s not working, ‘active relaxer’ Chris can usually be found on the ocean. “When I’m not working, I’m surfing, or thinking about surfing,'' he admits. This ocean aesthetic translates into a love of Californian modernism, clean lines and a restrained material palette. “Less is definitely more in my book”, he says.

Originally from the UK, ironically Chris met his English wife in a bar in downtown Auckland.  Their seven year old son, grumpy labrador and several fish make up their family home in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

When it comes to The Block NZ, Chris is intrigued to see how the ideas from the teams develop into these spaces, particularly at the pace they need to deliver their rooms.  “When it comes to judging, I want to see context and consideration.  I will no doubt repeat myself on this, but I truly believe form follows function so if a room doesn’t function as it is intended to, I’ll be deducting points for that. Moreover, I want to see an overall concept thread for the whole house – again considered – not just plucked from Pinterest”.

A stickler for detail, the space Chris is most looking forward to seeing is the teams’ kitchens. “From a design perspective, this room offers the most concept options and one can really play with how this space can function.”