Lauren Mirabito

Lauren Mirabito | General Manager at Ray White Carpenter Realty

Award-winning real estate Manager Lauren Mirabito is excited to be part of the judging team on this season of The Block NZ. Having been in the industry since 2011 and renovating houses for nearly 20 years, Lauren has weathered every boom and bust for 20 years.  She knows the difference between a top dollar design and one that will divide the market.

Lauren describes herself as a huge The Block NZ fan, having watched every previous season. A real estate addict, she even admits that she and her husband go to open homes on weekends as ‘date night’! Fiercely proud of her Ngāti Porou and Ngāti Wai heritage, she is also learning Te Reo Māori in her limited spare time. The mother of three admits while her own personal style leans towards clutter free and minimalistic, when it comes to interior design, she appreciates anything that has beauty, warmth, natural light and a ‘great feel or energy’.

This season on The Block NZ she will be looking for considered choices in layout and design. A space that is welcoming and inviting while serving its purpose. With her realtor hat on, she explains “I am not looking for extreme design choices or out of the box ideas. The teams’ homes and rooms need to appeal to the widest pool of buyers possible while also creating an emotional connection with as many buyers as possible. That is where the skill will be, in creating spaces that are neutral enough to not alienate buyers, but special / brave enough to get buyers feeling impressed and in love - like they can't imagine themselves living anywhere else".