About Jesse Mulligan

Becoming a household name after he appeared on 7 Days, Seven Sharp and Best Bits, Jesse Mulligan currently hosts Radio New Zealand’s 1-4pm weekdays show. As The Project anchor, Jesse's experience in news and comedy writing-rooms provide an informed, intelligent and funny take on the news

About Kanoa Lloyd

Kanoa Lloyd debuted on our screens as Newshub weather presenter and reporter, she has also co-hosted Story and Newsworthy. Kanoa is a brilliant news-reporter and has undeniable warmth and charm. Kanoa brings you the daily dose of news that matters as our newsreader.

About Jeremy Corbett

Jeremy Corbett, one of New Zealand’s best loved comedians and host of the hugely successful, 7 Days, takes up the co-host role alongside Jesse and Kanoa. Jeremy brings his signature style of comedy and incisive analysis to The Project.