Audience Tickets

See The Project LIVE!

The Project NZ is excited to re-open our doors to 10 lucky audience members each weeknight!

Our live audience is a huge part of the show, and you can join in the fun in the studio – for free!

If you want to be in the studio audience, simply fill in the form below or email us at, letting us know when you'd like to come, and how many people you'll bring along. Audience members must be 13 or over. You'll need to be at our studios in Grafton, Auckland by 6:30pm. 

News Delivered Distantly: 

Your safety during Level 2 is of the utmost importance to us. Upon arrival you will be briefed, temperature tested, and we will be taking contact tracing details.

As consistent with our own workplace practices, audience members will remain at a safe distance from each other and our crew members. The studio will be thoroughly cleaned prior to each show.

If you’d like more information on how we’ve been operating safely as a show, you can watch our story about it here.

Send any questions you may have regarding audience safety to

What you can expect to do at a night in our studio audience:

Watch - live TV, outside the box.

Clap - and have your applause beamed around New Zealand.

Laugh - including at some exclusive, not-for-broadcast, ad-break-only comedy from the Project team.

See - what happens in the ad breaks, including some comedy that we would never be able to broadcast.

Wear - closed-toes shoes please, for safety reasons.

Eat - free lollies. If you like. We've also scored you some exclusive deals with local restaurants.

Pay - nothing, nada, zip. No catches, no asterisks, no hidden fees or monthly payments. All we ask is that you book in advance, turn up on time, and if you can’t make it, to let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate your seats.

AWESOME. SIGN ME UP! Submit the form below or email with your preferred dates and our wonderful audience wrangler Tania will advise when we've got seats available and which live guests we've booked in advance.

It’s that simple. Don’t just be a face in the crowd – be a voice on the soundtrack as well!

The majority of our show content is decided on the day, so you're always in for a surprise! Come with an open mind and we'll do the rest.

And remember: The Project is currently the only news program in the world with a live audience (no canned laughter here!)

Terms and Conditions Apply

Studio Location:

71 Boston Road
Auckland 1023