The Wheel of Immunity!

Here at The Project, we want to do our bit to help unite against Covid. Help support our drive to get Aotearoa vaccinated!

We're starting a campaign to encourage people to get their vaccinations, so we're asking them to send us their happy vaccination selfies. Every night we’ll choose a winner from the selfies we are sent, and that winner gets a spin of the ‘Wheel of Immunity'.

We are calling out to NZ’s business community to populate the wheel with prizes and support NZ’s vaccine drive. If you want to supply a prize, it’s pretty simple:

1. Tell us what prize you are offering.

2. Supply us a logo. Accepted prizes will be represented on the wheel with a nice big logo. Project hosts might also mention your prize verbally, depending on how big and exciting it is.

3. Accepted prizes stay on the Wheel until they are won, OR until we receive so many better prizes that the prize is ‘bumped off’ the wheel. (Of course in the case where their prize is bumped off, they do not have to supply it.)"

If that sounds like you, fill out the form below