1. Why is The Edge TV going off air?

The Edge TV is transitioning to a HD streaming proposition on ThreeNow, rova and From 01 July, ThreeLife +1 will broadcast on Freeview channel 14.

2. Where can I watch The Edge after 1 July?

Stream via ThreeNow, the Rova app and at anytime on any device.

3. What is ThreeLife +1?

ThreeLife +1 provides all of ThreeLife’s content, just delayed by one hour. ThreeLife is a lifestyle channel that launched in April 2018 and is an extension of the Three brand. Each night on the channel is themed, from food to DIY, and the lineup features shows such as hit reality format Married at First Sight USA and key franchises including Millionaire Hot Seat, Strictly Come Dancing and American Ninja Warrior.

4. Why is ThreeLife +1 not available on satellite?

Watch this space - ThreeLife +1 will be available on satellite in the near future.

5. Why is ThreeLife +1 not available on Vodafone TV or Sky?

Threelife +1 isn’t required on VodafoneTV because the user is able to scan back using the reverse epg option.

6. Do I need to do anything?

Most Freeview-approved TVs and set-top boxes connected to UHF aerials will automatically update to broadcast ThreeLife +1 on channel 14 when the switchover takes place on July 1, 2019. Some TVs require user permission - please select to update your TV or channels list when prompted. If you do not receive an onscreen prompt, you may need to retune your TV or box to view ThreeLife +1. For retune guidelines, please see


If your TV or box hasn’t updated automatically, you’ll see a black screen when you go to channel 14 after 1 July. To fix this, just give your TV / box a retune.  Go to SETTINGS / MENU > PROGRAMMING > AUTO-TUNING to retune. And you can check out for retune guidelines.