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It’s Friday night and it’s been a big week. There’s been stupid news, big news, unbelievable news and news about us right here in New Zealand. Then come Jeremy Corbett and two teams of New Zealand’s finest comic talent to blast the news out of the water, dissect it, lambast each other and have a brilliant time while doing it.

This is 7 Days, a Friday night comedy satire show, made with the support of NZ on Air, and our best stand-up comedians aren’t afraid to do what they do best – take the piss out of everything, but mostly all the news of the week and each other.

“It’s a Gas” “Laugh-out-loud funny” “professional idiots”. These are just some of the things people said about the first series of 7 Days.

The news changes every week, but 7 Days is staying refreshingly the same. Well ok, we're shooting in a brand new studio, and yes we'll be playing some brand new games, and granted there are new comedians from here and overseas chomping at the bit to come and dissect the news on 7 Days, but apart from that, exactly the same. The same Jeremy Corbett at the helm, with the same lovable team leaders Dai Henwood and Paul Ego, along with some increasingly familiar characters like Ben Hurley, Steve Wrigley, Jeremy Elwood, Michele A'Court and Cori Gonzalez Macuer.

A cutting weekly dose of satire is overdue on New Zealand TV, but it’s here now. Every seven days ridiculous things happen in this country but until now there hasn’t been a place for our funniest professional comics to say things like “But did you hear…” and “What I can’t believe is…” Join us on Friday nights on Three. You might not learn much from their uninformed brilliance, but you’ll definitely laugh.

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