House Rules NZ

In a first for New Zealand, this high stakes home renovation show sees five teams of two gamble with the most important possession in their lives: their home. Each week, one team will hand over the keys to their home, placing trust in their competition, the four other teams, to complete the renovation of the entire house in five and a half days, leaving only five rules to be followed... or not. 

One house will be the project of each week. The owners will move out, while the remaining four teams will focus on completing the rooms within their dedicated zone - rooms are divided into zones and these will be announced to the teams on arrival along with the crucial five House Rules the owner has left behind. Jeopardy exists when team zones share a space / hallway etc as their individual designs may not necessarily work together.

Every team ends up with the ultimate reward – a complete transformation of their own home, but which team will win the grand prize of $100,000 towards their home loan.

House Rules NZ is available to stream exclusively on ThreeNow.

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