NAME: Jordan Dare
AGE: 26
STAR SIGN: Scorpio

Jordan is your down to earth bloke from Foxton, near Palmy, who has been in love before and is ready to jump at the chance to find it again. 

The Light Fabrication Engineer is extremely family-oriented, stating that his proudest moment was when his sister got married and his biggest fear is losing those closest to him.

Jordan is looking for a kind, honest, outgoing partner and says his usual type is someone that is fit. He doesn’t have any deal breakers, but the things that would make him think twice include anyone that smokes, possesses poor manners or has no direction. He values honesty, respect and trust above all else and would be described by mates as someone who is reliable and honest.

During the last 12 months, Jordan has decided to take some big risks in life and this experience will be the cherry on the (wedding) cake. His favourite movie is Forrest Gump, favourite shows are Outrageous Fortune and of course MAFS and favourite place is Surfers Paradise. 

In his spare time Jordan likes to race cars - even travelling to the UK during filming to compete in the briSCA F1 stock cars in September. Until his 21st he proudly sported what could be described as one of New Zealand’s most epic mullets. 

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